Selected companies that have closed transactions with Admiralty Partners or its founder.


Admiralty Partners provides equity for the acquisition of all or part of privately held middle market companies in the global aerospace, defense and federal information technology markets. These portfolio companies not only receive access to capital with an investment from Admiralty, they also gain a valued partner with extensive industry experience and relationships. This provides companies with value enhancing resources such as access to strategic advice, follow-on acquisition candidates, and contract bidding assistance. Admiralty’s philosophy and policy is to invest with businesses and managements as a partner with the singular goal of building long-term value through operational and strategic improvements instead of leverage.

Unlike most private equity firms that raise large funds from institutional investors, Admiralty Partners invests only its own capital. This significant difference means that Admiralty Partners’ interests are aligned with those of management. It seeks long term capital appreciation, not the generation of transaction fees through the rapid churning of funds; the requirement to appeal to limited partners or the need to achieve a certain internal rate of return over a specific holding period. By maintaining over $100 million of undeployed capital for equity investments in these specific sectors, Admiralty Partners has the capability to rapidly respond to middle market investment opportunities. In the case of Alliance Spacesystems, GMA Cover Corporation and Integral Aerospace, for example, this entailed closing transactions less then two months after the initial meeting with Admiralty. The firm is flexible with respect to investment structure, financing and time horizon, enhancing its ability to focus on long-term value creation and maximization.

Admiralty’s principals have participated in hundreds of transactions either as advisors or investors and have therefore experienced almost every conceivable issue that might arise during a sale process. This experience greatly enhances the firm’s ability to proceed in a manner that minimizes the impact on day-to-day operations of a company while providing comfort to a seller that the diligence process results will not result in surprises to the buyer and that the transaction will close on schedule.